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Grow Your Dental Practice

A 2021 article found that more and more dentists are becoming savvier and more effective at marketing their clinics, driving home the point that if your dental practice doesn’t have a marketing strategy, it’s going to fall behind the competition.

Don’t let that happen. Even if you’re not the most marketing-savvy dentist, there are other options. And luckily for you, OppGen Marketing can help your dental practice grow with dental marketing. We’ve managed and operated successful marketing campaigns for 100s of medical clinics and services.

A Dental Marketing Strategy with Teeth

While website traffic is important, the traffic that lands in the dentist’s chair matters a great deal more to your dental clinic. That’s why OppGen focuses on generating highly qualified leads who will actually show up to their dental appointment through dental marketing.

dentist talks with happy patient

How Our Dental Marketing Program Works

Target Prospective Patients with Paid Search & Social Ads

Paid search ads show up directly on potential patients’ search engine results pages (SERPs), helping those searching for a “dentist near me” find exactly that using their physical location at the time of their search.

These ads eliminate people who aren’t looking for a dentist and make sure those who are actively seeking one can find one located right in their neighborhood. Search ads, when managed effectively, are a cost-effective option, as you are only charged when a prospect clicks on an ad. 

On top of paid search, we also run paid social ad campaigns on social media channels, particularly through Facebook Ads. Social media platforms give us greater access to their users’ information, making it easier to target specific audiences using demographic (i.e., age, sex, location, education, employment, income, etc.) and even psychographic information (i.e., interests, groups, etc.).

In our experience, paid search and paid social ad campaigns are well worth the investment and often give our clients a significantly better return on investment compared to other marketing strategies. In fact, these digital marketing channels often work well when run alongside traditional campaigns. You can reach more people in more marketing channels at once without going over your dental practice’s marketing budget.

Build & Optimize Your Dental Practice’s Website

If your dental practice doesn’t have an online presence on a website, that’s a problem. More and more people use the internet when looking for a medical provider, including dentists. In a 2012 study, Google found that 76% percent of prospective patients do their research on a provider’s website. Prospective patients do their homework when trying to find the right dentist for them, and you need to make sure your website represents your practice in the best possible light. First impressions matter, and for many patients, their first interaction with your dental practice is with your website. And that’s exactly what OppGen takes into account when designing and building a new website for our clients.

Not only does your website need to represent your practice in the best possible light, but it should also be designed with best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) if you want it to appear on the first page of relevant Google searches.

To have a website optimized for SEO means you need a website that runs quickly and smoothly on mobile devices. It needs to contain useful information that’s relevant to your prospective patients, making it a helpful resource that anyone can use.

Dental marketing is so much more than paid search. OppGen can build you a new and improved website from scratch, help optimize your current website for SEO, or do a combination of both. We continuously test our websites and landing pages to ensure you’re getting the best conversion rates.

Expand Your Dental Practice’s Horizons

We offer more than just paid advertising on search engines, websites, and social media — we also have an excellent dental SEO program and can build effective websites. All of these offerings can help you expand your dental clinic’s horizons. You can add on more services or open up a new location or two due to the extra income you’ve made through OppGen Marketing’s dental marketing program.

Smile: Watch Your Dental Practice Grow with OppGen’s Dental Marketing Program

With OppGen doing the marketing for your dental practice, you can focus on what matters: caring for your patients and putting bright, beautiful smiles on their faces.

Let us handle the rest. Contact OppGen Marketing today for more information, or fill out our free digital audit to get a sample of what we can do for you and your dental practice.

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